Dealing With FIMIOL Photographs Featuring Nudity

One area where I am quite sensitive is portraying male and female nudity. For this I make no apologies. The prohibition in Matthew 5:26 against looking at other women lustfully when married is one I take seriously and have all my life.

To then be asked to draw in lines on satellite landscape images to depict nude Eluhiym and human beings is something that I found confronting. Yet as any servant of the Lord does, I carried out His instructions.

This was and is no easy task, since I tend to stay right away from depictions of nudity or near nudity. However, there are sufficient public images to assist and, without any formal training in art, I try to follow the lines and demarcations between shaded areas to come up with a satisfactory end result.

Other than to celebrate the beauty of the male and female form, depictions of nudity often serve to arouse sexual feelings. However, eroticism was not a part of the Garden of Eden environment. Adam and Chav-vah wore no clothes until expelled from the Garden. Not once did they engage in sexual intercourse for over sixty years. That side of their minds and bodies was suppressed by the fruit of the Tree of Life, of which they ate regularly.

Consequently their depictions of nudity are non-erotic. In the true Heaven, as distinct from that in the light at the end of the tunnel, there is never sexual consummation for any relationship, again for the same reason. So it is natural for both Eluhiym and resurrected saints to appear naked. In a few FIMIOLs They do wear clothes and being clothed is an option there too. In fact, it is quite an industry there.

FIMIOL displays of nudity are both clinical and educational. Their message of circumcision is highly important, since for a male to die intact means he can never be a resident of Heaven. How religions can make saints out of intact men is only a sign of how misinformed they are. The young are also entitled to see FIMIOL photographs of any Eluw’ah to whom they are directing their prayers and faith. Those artistic depictions created during flights of fancy and imagination are what should not be seen, since they are false to the core.