Connected Dark Pit and Lake of Fire Units

The basic unit of each Dark Pit and Lake of Fire is shaped like a bird in flight. Each holds up to five million souls. So far there are more than 84,000 of them connected in a continuous straight line. Currently it is over one million miles or 1.68 million kilometres long and up to 25 kilometres wide.

That is a lot of souls discarded by the Creator Eluhiym. By contrast Heaven has received just over forty million souls.

When the number of fiery bird units reaches 86,400, then it will be curtains for this planet. Asteroid impact will bring this about (read Isaiah 24). Since Scripture begins with twenty-four hour days, so the end will reflect the number of seconds in each, making it truly the “day of the Lord”.

Who is providing so many lost souls? Mainly religion and worldly cultures. Either they promise eternal life or nothing after death. Both are bound to be disappointed. God is a great liar.

Judgement is held every three days to reduce the back log. The number of souls rejected at the final judgement will complete the total figure.

Even with this information it is impossible to predict the end of the world to a precise date, since only Yahuw’ah has such knowledge (Matthew 24:36). It is probably in the order of a few decades.

The Instant Relocation Vehicles and FIMIOL Communication Units are being revealed at this time to attract interest away from God and religion and towards what Heaven and Eternal Life have to offer. These are just a foretaste of what is to be experienced in heavenly Glory.

© 2016 Wayne Zanker and FIMIOL Photographics