OMG - A Landscape Of God [I]

Bullies both, Ba'alzebub and Sinvesta,

Yet full of unconditional love and grace

Dwarfing all other Elwhiym

30 feet in height

60 feet wide

450 feet in length

Slithering in dimensions unknown

Hidden to man

Yet felt by him

As They brush past

With Their poisonous charm.

Why does man worship God

The Three in One

Who drives him to War

And the sufferings of innocents?

Of course

He wants their souls!

His heaven is a facade

A schizophrenic illusion.

Why does man erect spaces

To the Glory of God

Pilgrim stations

Along the way

To heat and darkness

When he knows Him not?

Beside God there is no other

But Their own Creators

So much smaller than Them

So much brighter than Them

All from the same primordial cloud

Of helium

Where They first formed

Before Creation began

When it split in two

Moving back and forth,

Side to side

Friction creating plasma

At the coal face

From where All chose Their forms

As Eluhiym

Over one million years

Yet many billions of years ago ...

© Wayne Zanker 2016