OMG - A Portrait Of God [I]

Under instructions

From the Judge of all men,

A disclosure of evil unseen

This is God, my friends

In two FIMIOL forms

The third is the Dragon OM

Present at Creation

Formed at the beginning

Whom the world unwittingly reveres

Erecting altars, pulpits and towers

By deception kept hidden

Till now of all times

An inconvenience.


Ruler of demons,

Divider of faiths

Father of lies and OM

A murderer too

Master of the spell

Mesmerising, hypnotising,

Moving to and fro

Like a fly

Like a cobra swaying to a fluted tune

Like a metronome clicking side to side

Casting spell after spell

At souls.

Your soul and mine.


Dark and evil

The most utterly kept secret

Never heard of nor seen

Till now of all times

An inconvenience.

Deceptive companion

Spreader of lies about God

Through imagination

Button pushing Holy Spirit

Inspirer of sacred texts

Deemed holy and free of error.

Convincing all

With persuasive power

Their truth is true regardless.

Lady of venomous comparisons

Whispering to would-be martyrs

"Come to Me, but don't come alone

Bring your friends and enemies

I will keep you all together

And love you forever

In My glowing lair."

© Wayne Zanker 2016