Southern Canberra and Queanbeyan Storm

The afternoon storm which developed quickly over southern Canberra and Queanbeyan in the ACT on Thursday afternoon, February 11, 2016, was also a targeted storm. Strong winds were accompanied by large hail. Thankfully, there were only just over 140 calls for emergency help.

This is again a reminder that the Creator Eluhiym do listen into human conversations and make judgements accordingly. Marriage equality legislation is a No-No and will only invite further trouble if proceeded with.

The first signs They were reacting came during the Sydney conference of the ALP of late 2011. A storm cell appeared over Canberra and the clouds circled the city a few times. This was reported on Macca on Sunday Mornings by an eye witness from Canberra. No association at the time was made with what was going on at the ALP conference, yet it was no coincidence either.

Within thirty-six hours of starting debate on one of the bills to change the definition of marriage a 5.3 mag. earthquake hit Moe NE of Melbourne (Tuesday the 19th June, 2012), then two days later another earthquake hit Young or Boorowa north of the ACT in southern NSW (Thursday the 21st). A lot more could be said …

Tasmanian Fires

Why is it that the world had to watch over fifty fires burn for many weeks in wilderness areas of west and north-west Tasmania, Australia, where a grass roots movement had fought so hard to preserve their heritage? The Tasmanian Fire Service and interstate fire fighters worked tirelessly to try and put them out.

Mother Nature had not been all that helpful with heavy rains to the east and little falling in the west during one significant event. Drought had also been a factor.

These were not random fires. About one-fifth of the 100,000 hectares burnt across Tasmania were within the Wilderness World Heritage Rainforest area. Rare Pencil and King Billy pines and cushion plants were destroyed and cannot be recovered, according to ABC TV news. “Billions of years of rainforest evolution does not get rebuilt,” said one contributor.

Since evolution can no longer be substantiated, the Creator Yeshuwa has put another angle on it. Politicians within Tasmania are getting ready to pass same-sex marriage legislation. So, as a reminder and warning of worse things to come, He organised those fires “to show humanity that We mean business. They have no business changing Our will for mankind.”

Taking on the Creators is a recipe for disaster. While They observe heterosexual coupling for the purposes of creating life - this belongs to the original definition of marriage - such is not the case with same-sex couples. What They see them doing upsets Them. As their Creators They have every right to upset them in return.

Consequently, whenever supporters of marriage equality go into the fire-devastated areas of the rainforests, they will be reminded of the price the trees, vegetation and wild life have had to pay for their lawlessness and rebellion.


Very powerful winds and heavy rains have arrived in May to remind Tasmanians who is in charge of the weather. Perhaps the empty dams will be replenished sooner rather than later. With news of the severe flooding in June it appears to be sooner.

The forest fires around Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, have now been linked to acceptance of same-sex marriage by its federal government.

Afternoon Storm on Friday, January 22, 2016

Not even Adelaide, capital of South Australia and a subject in my e-Book The Narrator and the Logos is exempt from targeted storms. I heard on the news tonight that Glenelg was hit first at 2:30 p.m. Then the severe weather swept across the city with 35 mm of rain causing flash flooding, some hail as well, and wind gusts of up to 89 kph recorded.

Another storm was felt down further south at Willunga, but Reynella and surrounding suburbs between the two locations missed out. The Creator Eluhiym are onto those who arrogantly stand up to Them.

These storms were no “act of God”, because God does not create weather. Satan, who is one of God’s Eluw’ah, had to ask Yahuw’ah to create the violent storm featured in Job 1:19 according to 2:3.

Adelaide Clipsal 500 Storm On March 6, 2016

From the language used by the meteorologist to describe this storm it appears to have been targeted. It occurred on the day following the Sydney gay and lesbian Mardi Gras. Why not target that? What difference would it make? The fierce storm which hit the east coast of Australia from June 4-7 and brought gale force winds and flooding to Sydney and surrounds and unprecedented rains to Tasmania suggests a different sense of timing. It was a ‘4/5’ event where events very much get out of control. The events of 9/11 in 2001 were also ‘4/5’, although they began during ‘3/4’. President Bush was born during the ‘4/5’ module. They happened under his watch.

The predicted pattern for the local Adelaide system changed unexpectedly. High altitude winds above 10,000 ft from the NW were supposed to drive it towards the Mount Lofty ranges north of Adelaide. Instead in true ‘15/16’ fashion the thunderstorm pushed south right through a narrow strip of Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, dumping 22 mm over Kent Town and deluging the Adelaide 500 race, ending it during lap 48 of 72.

“It was quite unusual for the weather to come directly from the north,” senior forecaster Vince Rowlands said. It was also unusual for this time of year to get such an extended period of hot and humid weather. Usually rain comes off the ocean, he added.  Suburbs to the west missed out. Not much fell in the foothills either. My place down south scored only 6 mm. About 180,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the state.

The Creator Eluhiym evidently know how to time manage where weather systems move. Pretty good, eh? And they had such fun doing it. They are not afraid to rain on any one’s parade.