Interview Excerpt During Discovery of the Wedding Scene

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 around 10:35-45 p.m. Every Tuesday night I am required to attend class in the Throne Room or “the Kingdom of the Heavens.” This is usually done while lying on my right side and writing down my questions and Yeshuwa’s answers, but here I sat in front of the computer monitor. We have a long history of working together. My shed and office area is located in just the right place for one-to-one communication.

From Tonight's Visit To Heaven - Interview # 338

"Now down to specific images. Last night I detected another woman in front of Chav-vah, but to the side." "That is Mowsiyah." "Is She wearing any clothing?" "None." "That cross-like shading over her lower abdomen is what?" "It is a marking She has." "It looks like Her uterus, but on the outside." "That is what makes her a woman, Wayne." "Does she decide [make decisions] in that location like those created in Her likeness?" "Yes, We all do." "So how do I describe this marking?" "As I said, it is what makes her female."

"Now, when she [Mowsiyah] is hidden, there appears to be a table with wine and bread on it. I've identified an upside down object." "That was a drinking chalice." "What was it made off?" "China type pottery." "The others are wine glasses, right?" "Yes and they are two-thirds full." "I can clearly see a loaf of bread in the background, but the rest is unclear. Is that fruit in the corner?" "That is correct." "And next to it?" "A tray of berries." "Any cheese?" "No." "Is that bread or cake?" "Bread." "What else? The table has two visible legs." "Yes." "How long was it?" "Four feet." "Wide?" "About two feet." "Height?" "One foot. It was a picnic table."

"As you can see, Adam is lying on his right side. So the table was low enough for him to grab things." "Chav-vah is not lying down, is she?" "Only standing up." "What is Adam holding in his left hand?" "Have a close look tomorrow, Wayne. It is not big."

"Then smaller and further back is You, Adoniy." "We knew you would find Me." "By the way, have I got Adam's lines right?" "They are only rough and We will guide you there."

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