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Can A Childless Woman Become Pregnant Naturally?

While my knowledge of female reproduction is limited, I do know that childless women in ancient times were able to conceive and give birth after they or their husbands asked Yahuw’ah (El Shadday) to open or close their wombs. Here are some examples of how He acted upon their requests.

This is still possible today, since Yahuw’ah plays an integral role in the creation of human life. He is present in every act of sexual intercourse between a naturally born male and female. His ability to open and close a womb belongs to the definition of marriage.

Recently a media report from Ecuador spoke of how a transgender couple conceived and gave birth naturally 1). Each was sexually attracted to the other. Under the powerful confused-sexuality soul virus they began their transitions, but someone forgot to tell their souls, which always retain their birth status, as does their DNA. Consciously they thought they were in the wrong bodies, yet their souls knew otherwise. It was a victory for common sense.

The Creator of man and woman has no interest in same-sex couples, since conception is impossible without a sperm fertilising an ovum.

Some women spend many thousands of dollars on IVF treatments in the hope of getting pregnant, discover that it was a waste of money, then while taking a sabbatical fall pregnant. For other women IVF can result in successful pregnancies. Yet others fail completely.

I believe in the historical integrity of the ancient writings which form the corpus of the Five Books of Mosheh. Of course, empirical science is not interested in these. It, too, has its soul viruses.

Commitment Is Required

Now if anyone thinks that this can be tried once and, if nothing happens, concludes that it does not work, then one is being flippant. IVF requires considerable commitment, both in time and money. For Yahuw’ah to switch a womb on and off does not cost anything, but it does involve commitment.

Here is where Mowsiyah becomes involved. She wants to help females of all ages with any reproductive issue, only almost no one calls upon Her. Her FIMIOLs are being published so that female of any age can focus upon getting to know her.

What is the point of talking to so-called saints who are not in Glory anyway, when one can call upon this Eluw’ah and ask for Her help. She knows more about the reproductive system than any obstetrician or gynaecologist on Earth.

Yeshuwa gives great advice in Matthew 6:6. “When you pray, go into your private room, and having shut your door, pray to your Father Yahuw’ah who is in the secret place, and your Father who sees in the secret place will reward you.”

So if you are childless and want a baby boy or girl, then take it to Yahuw’ah in prayer (in Yeshuwa’s name). Ask for Mowsiyah’s help. There is no need to tell anyone. Watch and see what happens. See your doctor or medical practitioner when you fall pregnant and he/she will work to ensure you have a safe delivery.

Here it is important to stay off poisons like tobacco and alcohol and party drugs. You must also have a functioning uterus. If you are serious about having a baby, then you will naturally choose to give your baby the best health outcome in life.

By law I am required to say that I am not authorised to give medical advice on this or any other matter and have no intention of doing so. Your medical practitioner has the required expertise.

However, if you are reading this, then it might be that you have exhausted all available medical or alternative options, including acupuncture. My advice is purely spiritual, based upon what Yeshuwa has told me. It is given freely, without charge or need for private consultation.

Effectively all I am saying is get in touch with Mowsiyah and Yahuw’ah who created all females according to Her structure and appearance and let Them do the rest. In time She will teach women how to deal with diseases of the reproductive system, but first things first. Then listen to the instructions she gives you in your dreams.

Of course, I will be happy to hear from any joyful mother who has experienced the greatest blessing from Yahuw’ah and Mowsiyah. Naturally any infant boy will be circumcised at one week and by keeping in touch with Them she has the best prospects of Eternal Life in Glory. Girls do not require circumcision. No data will be retained for any scientific study. I have no interest in them anyway.

Good Old Abraham and Sarah

Abraham was 175 years old when he died (Genesis 25:7). He fathered Yishma’el with Hagar at 77 and Yitschaq with Sarah at 100. Converting these values to a life expectancy of 80 years, then 77 divided by 175 multiplied by 80 equals 35.2 years for Yishma’el and 100 divided by 175 times 80 equals 45.7 years.

Sarah lived to 127 years (Genesis 23:1). She gave birth to the promised son Yitschaq at the age of 91. With a modern life expectancy of 85 years, 91 divided by 127 multiplied by 85 equals 60.9 years - a few years past her menopause.

Both were old by the first millennium BCE and today’s standards (Genesis 18:11-12, 21:7), yet neither were as good as dead as the apostle Paul falsely declared in Romans 4:19. Good-as-dead men do not live for another 75 years and remarry and have concubines and father many more children.

Have a(nother) read of Genesis 20 and ask yourself, why would king Abiymelek or one of his subjects be interested in her unless she had an attractive, vibrant body? Abraham also looked reasonably young.

These matters have to be kept in perspective. Paul was loose with the truth and had a penchant for reinventing it.

1. News Report of Transgender Couple.

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