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IRVs -  A New Form Of Transport -  Pt III

From Heaven each day during Adam and Chav-vah’s nearly 22,000-day tenure in the Garden of Eden, they were visited in such a vehicle by Yahuw’ah or El Shadday, as He was then called, along with Yeshuwa or El Elyown and others. Four IRVs have now been detected there as well.

Noach employed IRV services to transport timber to where he was building his huge ark with his considerable work force of 400 artisans. There was even an IRV on board the ship in case it was necessary to evacuate. FIMIOLs of five IRVs have so far been found. One is a truck loaded with timber protruding from the back. Three are log carriers.

Roads back then were not needed. Noach’s ark, incidentally, looks nothing like the Kentucky version which is a waste of money and the product of a vivid imagination. Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Genesis One is about its re-use in another orbit.

To view the FIMIOL of Noach’s Ark click on the IRV Short Video entitled Finding FIMIOLs The Hard Way in the navigation menu.

When building the Tower of Babel, ‘heaven’ was determined to be the height at which the IRVs first appeared. Its construction was halted after man became too ambitious (Genesis 11).

So in ancient times they were the work horses for big projects. The pharaohs of Mitsrayim involved them in the building of pyramids and movement of obelisks and large statues, and not just there, but in ancient China and Central America. Travel to other continents was not a problem. They just went.

Why They Went Out Of Fashion

Alas, with the development and growth of religion, which began at the Tower of Babel, these vehicles were gradually withdrawn and almost forgotten. References to them are rare in the Scriptures.

Only when one sees the IRV FIMIOLs at Ciynay can one understand the prohibition of religion in Yahuw’ah’s opening monologue at the start of Exodus 20. The Yisra’elites were not just delivered from enslavement to build storage cities for the Hyksos pharaoh Se-woser-en-ra Khayan, but also from the Egyptian religion of Hathor.

They had to leave both behind and were banned from possessing and serving any eluhiym before Yahuw’ah, and especially from making idols and images thought to represent His or any other appearance. Invariably they would get them wrong and did so in every respect.

The ban applied not just to them but the whole of humanity. “They have Mosheh and the Prophets,” the rich man in the Lake of Fire was told (Luke 16:29). No eluw’ah is above Yahuw’ah in authority and power. Even Yeshuwa remains subservient to Him, although Abram and Melkitsedeq called Him El Elyown (El Most High). The enormous Ba’alzebub claims to be top serpent with His crown of thirteen points. He is behind all religion along with His companions OM and equally huge Sinvesta. By contrast OM is quite small and Their son.

Back In Fashion Again Soon

In coming years vehicles like these will be built, most likely in South Australia first, where motor vehicle manufacturing will have well and truly ceased. Such a concept can only be developed in one workshop and not always the best equipped. Nature demands this. Work on a prototype has already begun. The goal is to put a vehicle on Mars for under twenty grand - with a lot of volunteering, of course. Yes, it does sound far-fetched, yet so are FIMIOLs in satellite mapping images.

Initially they will be assembled in specialist workshops rather than on production lines, in order to assist with metropolitan and regional employment.

The first ones will most likely convert old Land Rovers, like the 1967 Land Rover 109 series 2a station wagon. The engine, gear box and fuel tank will be removed, the cabin and engine bay modified and a lazy axle put under the front door, which will be replaced by side panels. New seals will be put in and the lot given a good paint job.

Like boat builders, whenever staff and employees in a workshop complete an IRV, they will gain a sense of satisfaction not felt on mass production lines. Each of the IRV FIMIOLs is different, since this is the way they are built in Heaven. Design control is retained by the franchisee. Bonding occurs as trades people and management put their hearts and minds into them.

Here a business model will be developed enabling local communities to prosper with as many workshops and factories as they can accommodate. Naturally there will be a supply chain for component parts, but these will be very different from motor vehicles.

How coincidental that overseas vehicle manufacturers all shut down their plants in Australia and not one of its politicians was able to do anything to stop them. This, by the way, was deliberate and another indication of how the Creator Eluhiym are in charge of affairs on planet Earth. They also invent superior technologies.

Their Manufacture

IRV shells will be made from steel, preferably produced locally at Whyalla if it is still a going concern. Naturally they will be fitted with comfortable seating and seat belts, yet look nothing like the sophisticated vehicles being designed for tomorrow. Each will have doors opening to the side with steps unfolding outwards to climb in and out. The more manual features the better, since battery power needs to be conserved.

Windows will be made from hardened glass and seals placed around both them and all doors. In the cabin operators will have computers and monitors for navigation and movement, including a steering wheel. Behind the seats cylinders will contain air for breathing should the vehicles go off planet. In addition, there will be room for shelves, equipment and other seating.

Conventional vehicle making and sales will continue because people enjoy traffic snarls, paying speeding fines, driving in the country and they can upgrade to the latest model any time they can afford it.


Depending upon their intended use, they can be modified into ambulances and taxis for delivering people to and from remote areas, making it more attractive for those who prefer to live in such environments and want to visit the city or beach occasionally.

They could also assist with the transportation of disabled or mobility restricted people and perhaps give them a break or holiday away from home and so raise their self-esteem. These should not be treated as luxurious, but practical vehicles.

Mining company FIFO employees could return to their families more often and sporting teams easily fulfil their national and international obligations, and then return home quickly when ready.

Politicians too could travel back to their families for an evening meal and return to work a couple of hours later. Those with large electorates would be able to visit more of their constituents and even spend additional time with them.

Should heads of state require transport to conferences interstate or overseas, these would let them arrive quickly and refreshed. Ladies, though, would have to freshen up before leaving, since one arrives instantly after departure.

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