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A Child Apparently May Have Two Mothers Now

Honestly, where do they get off? Evidently politicians are permitting two women in a same-sex relationship to both call themselves the mother of a child in their care.

A child can only ever have one mother and that is its biological mother. Like father, mother is also a reserved term. A male creates the child whenever his sperm fertilises a female egg or ovum in a woman’s uterus. That is how it has been ordained by the Creator Eluhiym.

Surrogacy is only possible using IVF technology where a fertile embryo is surgically implanted into another woman, who then carries the baby till birth. Yet she is not the mother, even though she may become emotionally involved with the baby and invariably give it birth. At some point she will rescind her role as incubator.

Here it is interesting that her chromosomal DNA does not remove the male mitachondrion DNA in the embryo. This is destroyed by the female mitochondrion DNA within the embryo from the original donor’s ovum.

However, surrogates not only grow and deliver the baby, sharing placental blood and nutrients, but they also impart soul viruses. As yet, research into this is in its early stages. Again it does not make her the mother any more than a viral or bacterial infection.

A woman in some cultures may appoint another to bear a child for her with her husband’s semen directly implanted in that woman through sexual intercourse.

There are examples of this in the Law and the Prophets where a wife could bear children through her handmaidens when she could not conceive. Such permission was given by Leah to Zilpah and Rachel to Bilhah in Genesis 31. The matriarchs then claimed them for themselves because they all had the one father who was their husband -  and they both did it for him. Yet each woman was the mother of her own children. So there is no precedent for a child to have two mothers without the father being constantly present.

Now when a mother adopts out her baby to another woman, does she then go and live with that woman? What is the point? She will continue to look after her baby in that situation. No court of law would reasonably allow such an adoption except in a perverted society. The other woman may also not call herself the mother of the baby, even though she assists with nurturing in the early years. The term mother again is reserved.

In the realm of spiritual energies a young girl tends to bond with her father and only later around puberty does the mother-daughter bond strengthen. The positive and negative bonding between female and male is essential for her development and should stand her in good stead during the adult years.

So instead of two mothers, replace this with a mother and father as originally ordained. Male energies work very differently to female energies and no amount of imagination can alter this fact or its effects.

A Child With Two Fathers

Male same-sex couples are also thinking that any children in their care can have two fathers with one more effeminate than the other. However, these always remain a source for soul viruses which created their same-sex attraction in the first place.

It is not a good situation for any of those involved to be in, for when this phenomenon is researched sufficiently enough, it may lead to unforeseen litigation where the law of the land has permitted such combinations. This also applies to other areas. The legal profession might have a great future here.

 So who produced the child(ren) anyway? The effeminate father? The probability is extremely high that a woman produced the child. She is the mother. Then why is she not permitted to mother her child and be there for it during its growing years? Why is the law not enabling her rights? So much for legal equality. It is highly discriminatory.

It is sad enough for a widowed or single father to raise his children alone. Problems often develop when he re-marries. Usually his own parents or sisters assist where they can. Yet this is not ideal when he has left them to cleave to his wife. A wife can also lose her husband and that brings its own challenging issues as well. She is entitled to re-marry, if she can move on from her original commitment.

Adopted children know that they were given or taken away from their biological mothers and resent this throughout their lives. So do orphans. Often society reaps the consequences of this in terms of rebellious behaviour, yet only the adopted individual is held accountable. So much for equality under the law here too.

Two dads cannot provide the spiritual energies which every child needs. Boys are naturally drawn to their mothers for much of their lives, since she gave birth to them. If possible they need to bask in her spiritual energies relatively free of soul viruses, of which there are literally myriads infecting human beings. Each one is powerful.

The biological father also becomes important during the early and subsequent years, although it is often in the late twenties that a son will learn to appreciate his father.

If nothing more is achieved from these comments, then at least they provide food for thought.

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