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God as Ba’alzebub, Satan and Sinvesta, however, is totally in favour of calling same-sex unions marriage, since these three Serpents create the soul viruses which fifth columnists then use to spread the 'good word' and lobby politicians or get elected themselves in order to have them legally accepted.

It just does not happen by itself. God has men and women on the ground, including politicians and journalists, doing Their bidding, One knows this by their bullying tactics, comments and speeches. In a way the microcosms of Sodom and Gomorrah have been resurrected to become the macrocosm of the western world today.

From an advertising perspective it was such a brilliant strategy on the part of the three Serpent Eluhiym to place all thirteen individual Eluw’ah under the one title of God, and not talk about the other ten. Shutting out the opposition, that is, the Ones who really matter, caught on like a master stroke. It was an act of pure evil genius.

Any piece of ornate paper which says same-sex couples are married, however, does not reflect reality and is therefore worthless. It is like a large empty box with a drawing of a luxury sports car on all six sides and saying “this is yours to drive.”

No court of law may call a same-sex union marriage without serious consequences. Logically laws of the land relate to real and not imaginary conditions. Same-sex couples share nothing in common with the reality of heterosexual marriage. They are merely friends who commit themselves to sharing sexual acts and diseases with each other and often others as well. After all, there is nothing to stop them. God certainly wants them to stray, hurt one another and break up, and even commit suicide, for that is Their game.

Politicians would do well to protect their rights, though, as indeed the fundamental rights of other minorities. However, marriage is not a fundamental right for same-sex couples. Until they can control the forces of nature and have an antagonist to react to their breakups, then they have no authority to interfere with the meaning and definition of a reserved term which is beyond religion.

Plebiscites are a waste of time and money too. Governments have no business holding them. Marriage equality legislation is an act of human lawlessness. True marriage is and has always been a highly discriminatory institution. Its laws may not be relaxed. Those who sign such legislation into law are also in big trouble, even if they do not agree with it. Marriage celebrants are likewise held to account.

The Cost Of Marriage Equality

While such legislation exists or is proposed, then the Creators will continue to exercise Their right to punish those societies embracing it and they only have themselves to blame for the destruction of their homes, properties and businesses.

Then everyone has to pay for the increases in insurance premiums, since insurance companies are not charities. So the heterosexual couple is financially affected when a ‘married’ same-sex couple moves in next door.

In addition to this there is the added costs of repairing and replacing damaged infrastructure. These affect the bottom lines of local county, council, state and federal budgets. Residents may be both socially and financially impacted for years. Memories and valuables are lost,

Is it really worth inflicting this upon one's neighbour for a worthless piece of paper? Surely an environmental impact statement needs to be prepared. Of course, they will be unable to do this, since they do not know the mind and wrath of Eluhiym (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Other Spiritual Reasons

To be fair, there are other spiritual reasons for natural disasters too, like the earthquakes in Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island, which are a type of parable. This city was built upon a river of sand (Matthew 7:24-27) and a reminder that the Greek noun Χριστός translated as Christ (16:16-18) is a complete distortion of the meaning of the Hebrew verb mashach and its adjective mashiach, which means to anoint and anointed. It does not mean Buddha. Yet that is how the apostle Paul, evangelist Luke and Silvanus portrayed him and the later Greek bishops imposed upon Matthew and John.

The Antichrist in First John is the wrong translation of the words used by the sholech “sent one” Yohannan. He actually meant anti-Anointed, labelling the followers of Paul as anti-Yeshuwa and against His teachings. However, do not tell this to the Christians. They will not understand, since they believe an entirely fictitious gospel and Jesus.


The notion of marriage equality incorporating both heterosexual and same-sex couples is fanciful, delusional and dangerous. For its own safety society needs to return to the original definition and not act as though it can do whatever it likes, just because it thinks it can. Remember the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11? That attitude prevailed there too.

A little humility goes a long way. Besides heterosexual marriage has worked well for a lot of people over the millennia, even the defacto ones. While they might not have formalised theirs, this does not mean that they are unmarried according to the original definition.

© Wayne Zanker and FIMIOL Photographics 2016

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