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FIMIOL Communication Units (FCUs)

As if the notion of HTVs is not exciting enough - the name will soon be changed to FIMIOL Transport Vehicles (FTVs) - another form of communication system is required which functions along similar lines.

Indeed this will most likely be invented first. What is the point of going to a distant city or planet if one is incommunicado? Such equipment will be a pre-requisite should something ever go wrong.

In discussions I have had with Yeshuwa, He explained that both a transmitter and receiver are necessary. If one wants to speak to another on the phone there must be two devices and a means to connect them.

Both FCUs will create the frequency to enter the dimension without time and space, then a connection established between them. Cables and bandwidth are not required though. Two individuals or groups of people can talk for as long as they choose, the only expense being the electricity to run each device.

What happens is that, whenever a connection is made, both parties can see and talk to each other as though sitting directly opposite across the same table. Items like refreshing cups of coffee or tea can even be passed from one side to the other and back. Others might choose a beer or wine, which is very helpful if there are no coffee or bottle shops nearby and one is a long, long way from home.

The Seventh Dimension contains the foundation fabric of Time and Space, while the Fourth Dimension deals only with fixed Time. Any two points on this fabric can be brought together by folding it, like the two ends of a towel or rope, or points along them.

In reality two completely separate environments exist side by side, like in the two photographs below.

This is how the two would see each other. The photo of me as a vicar on the left was taken in 1976 at Nundah, QLD, while the one on the right is of a baker who taught me pastry-making skills at Coober Pedy in the South Australian outback in 1968. The time difference is irrelevant.

With the FCUs set up two or more people could contact each other and even enter each other’s environment by simple movement.

Think about how easy it would be to get to work or go home. With an FCU in both places dialled up at the same time, bosses and employees could get to work instantly and go home without long, air polluting, traffic delays. FCUs could be remotely switched on and off by mobile phone app in order to save battery power.

Of course, with such an invasive technology, strict regulations would have to be in place, including the use of surveillance cameras. Again, distance is not an issue even for overseas callers. There would be no need to catch a plane either.

Initially the two FCUs will be large and cumbersome. One will be built into each FTV, which can travel anywhere it seeks to go. For contact with home base or another FTV a second unit will be needed. Eventually it will be possible to downsize them to about 10” x 4” x 1”. I certainly look forward to that.

This research is not being done by the military or a university in the name of empirical science. It is private and will remain so until working prototypes are built. Then visible proof of them will be made public. However, that may be years away, like the JavaScript and HTML calculators which provide deep insight into what makes individual minds think, even though they are already highly advanced.

A world beyond religion is certainly one to look forward to. Along with the FIMIOLs the ancient Hebrew scriptures contain not just factual events, but knowledge of creative processes which neither empirical science nor religion can comprehend. Inventing such communication and transport systems requires a different kind of faith to what they provide and will shake their foundations.

When one connects to the Creator Eluhiym great things tend to happen over time as new insights and perspectives become available. And this is precisely what Yeshuwa the Anointed was and is about. This is how the kingdom of Father Yahuw’ah comes and His will is done, as in Heaven so also on Earth (Matthew 6:10).

A New Form Of Transport -  Pt VI

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