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Here I am posting my New Form Of Transport videos. They include FIMIOLs of the Temple of Eluhiym in the Heavenly Yeruwshalem and Noach’s Ark. Be amazed by what you see and hear.

There are two formats: NTSC and PAL.

NTSC is generally used in the Americas, with the PAL system in most other countries of the world.

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Note: Selected videos can be viewed continuously in the one viewer or separately in small windows. Pause the former if choosing the latter to assist with buffering.

They have been produced as high quality .mp4 files with a bit rate of 2000 kbps and have only been loaded to FIMIOL.COM.

Where Do IRVs Fit In With Other Forms of ET UFOs?

Personally I have never seen a UFO. However, my mind is open to the possibility that, since IRVs have on-board computers and were operated by angels and the Nephiliym, I logically have to accept that there are other civilisations in the created universes who have produced their own forms of extra-terrestrial transport systems, be they rocket powered or otherwise.

According to the information provided by Yeshuwa, planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old, yet has had eight previous lives. He is the beginning or source of the creation of Eluhiym (Revelation 3:14) with most individual Eluw’ah 13.4 billion years old. So He should know.

I am one hundred percent convinced that this planet was delivered to its current orbit in 6342 BCE for its ninth mission. On previous missions its axis may well have been different. An ice age would have occurred when denied a warm sun for an extensive period between missions. Glaciers once existed in areas now considered temperate.

Why am I so convinced? Since 2003 I have been developing prime number and binary cluster information systems based upon the total number of days since the current installation date. These follow very tight rules laid down in Genesis 1-2, yet allow for a certain latitude in expression. They can be used informatively across many different disciplines.

However, whatever scientific researchers and archaeologists, including paleontologists, are digging up from the distant past cannot be dismissed, just because they do not appear to be mentioned in certain sacred scriptures. Religion, it seems, does not have the expertise, and therefore authority, to define the past, since it is each faith for itself in a world of massive divisions. There is far too much deception to take any of them seriously.

Some of the best research is done outside of religion. While I do not necessarily agree with many of the theories espoused and have my own insights, the abundance and diversity of evidence presented requires that I at least keep an open mind.

Some people enjoy being part of a sub culture which believes in alien visitations, sightings of UFOs and conspiracy theories involving the government. In these I have no interest, since I know where the real Heaven exists and fulfill my appetite for other-worldly phenomena there.

Before or after you have viewed these short videos I invite you to visit these web sites and consider their perspectives compared to mine.

As I explain in my webpages, my mission in life, along with other fascinating projects, is to promote Yeshuwa as El Most High and, after defining the laws of the dimension without time and space, build functional IRVs. Before the name change they were called HTVs and this is the acronym given them in the videos.

This way I will get to travel for free anywhere I want to go and arrive almost instantly. It will be a lot of fun. For the time being the how and wherefore will remain secret. At the start of 2015 I had no idea that it was possible until convinced otherwise.

And there will still be room for rocket science. For example, one would not take a IRV anywhere near Jupiter with its intense radiation, yet one could be used from a distance as a launch pad for a rocket-powered vehicle. Here is to the future!