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Those promoting social acceptance of homosexuality and marriage equality might want to consider the following:

To see how the words of Yahuw’ah have been taken out of context, here is a summary of the texts leading up to verse 18.

In verse 2 Yahuw'ah instructed Mosheh to tell the people to be HOLY like Him. Then everyone is to reverence his mother and father and keep Yahuw'ah's Sabbaths. They are not to turn to nor make idols (that is, practice religion). Offering peace sacrifices must be done in an acceptable manner and eaten by the end of the second day. Those harvesting are to leave some crops standing on the edges of the field for the poor to glean. Fallen grapes should be left to strangers. The people should not deal falsely or lie to one another. They may not swear falsely by Yahuw'ah's name or profane the name of Eluhiym. As for their neighbour, they are not to oppress or rob him.. Wages must be paid on the same day and not held overnight. A deaf man may not be cursed or a blind man tripped up (as in practical jokes). Rather their Eluhiym is to be revered. One's neighbour is to be judged fairly without injustice or partiality shown. Slandering others among the people is forbidden, as is acting against a man's life. No one is to hate their fellow countryman in their heart, but a neighbour can be rebuked, reproved without sinning. Finally, you shall not take vengeance nor bear any grudge against the sons of your people, but you shall love your neighbour as yourself.

The statement “I am Yahuw’ah (your Eluhiym)” appears eight times within these eighteen verses. Do those promoting marriage equality claim to know Him? Have they ever asked Him what He thinks of them or their lifestyle choice? Maybe they think they are invincible and feel no need to ask such questions.

Unlike the apostle Paul who usually quoted verses from the Old Testament out of context, Yeshuwa comes with the full package. He, not the invented Jesus Christ, was addressing a circumcised people under the perpetual Mosheh (Mosaic) covenant, in other words Jews. At the time -  on Tuesday, April 4, 30 CE -  He was responding to a Pharisaic lawyer named Sha’uwl of Tarsus, who later appointed himself as the apostle Paul.

Intact men in the Law and the Prophets were similarly treated as undesirables, to be despised and sent down to the Pit and Lake of Fire (Ezekiel 32:17-32). Yet through the re-inventions of the apostle Paul and the church fathers it is now circumcision of the flesh and the circumcised which are to be avoided. Why the switch? Who authorised it?

Read what men like Ignatius, bishop of Antioch1), the author of the Epistle of Barnabas2), Justin Martyr3) and many others have to say about the circumcised and being circumcised. They have no idea.

And Christians cannot see this anomaly! The command to circumcise comes before “as a sign” (l‘oth) in Genesis 17:11. Then the promise of protection also comes before “as a sign” in Genesis 17:11. Next the length of the contract or covenant similarly comes before “as a sign” sign in Genesis 17:11.

Abraham and his descendants are ordered to keep the covenant in perpetuity. See proof of this in 1 Chronicles 16:15-16 and Psalm 105:8-9. The sign is an integral, indissoluble part of the covenant Yahuw’ah made with Abraham.

In the Abraham narrative Yeshuwa as El Elyown and Yahuw’ah as El Shadday work together. Never is there any talk of ever changing or cancelling it. Circumcision is a sign of the covenant -  nothing more, nothing less. It may not be reinvented or reinterpreted. There is no link to Genesis 15:6. Just as Yeshuwa was circumcised, so must all males who follow Him. For without it there is no salvation.

So why are Christians unable to discern how their apostle Paul was one of the greatest re-inventors of history? He re-invented Abraham, faith, the exodus, creation and the already reinvented Θεός (Abraham was not a monotheist, but was made to appear so by the sons of Tsadoq). Also Yeshuwa, the Father in the heavens, the Holy Spirit, love, the Eucharist, gospel, second coming, judgement day, salvation, the crucifixion and resurrection, and the list goes on.

How would they like it if their lives were similarly misconstrued or things said and written about them which were unrecognisable or based upon hearsay and totally false? Would they welcome the gossipers with open arms, especially when a valid narrative already exists? Most likely they would take the matter to court and sue for libel big time.

Similar to the followers of any other religion, Christians are not special, since they commit lawlessness by following the adapted Mahayana Buddhist teachings of the apostle Paul, Silvanus and Luke.

Neither intact men and their daughters nor homosexuals have any right or authority to quote Yeshuwa’s words in the canonical Gospels for their own purposes. He never came for them.

Where the Narrow Way differs from all other belief systems is that it involves one-to-one, audio-visual communication with the Creator Eluhiym. None of them experience this.

Invariably they have all re-invented ancient facts and narratives, so exchanging the truth about Eluhiym, not Θεός, for lies, a play on Romans 1:25. This is what religion is mainly about, tying or binding people to false belief systems and rituals.

So when Yeshuwa says “few are those who find life” (Matthew 7:14), one can understand why over 99.9% of the human population has been missing out. And Abraham might be having a say in this too.

“You Shall Love Your Neighbour As Yourself”

Since 1992 and without apology I have developed a close working relationship with Yeshuwa and the team of Creators in Heaven. In the early days I called Him Jesus and thought everything was fine. Feeling privileged I easily identified with the apostle Paul and stayed that way for about fifteen years after discovering he is in Glory.

In 2008 I began noticing differences between his writings and what Yeshuwa is reported to have said. In many cases they were the direct opposite. Being a bit ‘slow’ it took me several months to work out that he had a Mahayana Buddhist background. Even then I had to have that handed to me on a platter by a friend. Yet that is another story.

While working on my first FIMIOL of the Lamb and Yahuw’ah I discovered two bird-like Eluhiym. The first Eluw’ah was the Holy Spirit of Truth Yahbeth resting at the feet of Yahuw’ah with His wings spread. This confirmed my belief in the Holy Trinity. Then I saw the Dove Tor on Yeshuwa’s right shoulder and that was the end of that. Next I found find six more Creators, three in human form, then a Wolf, Dog and Hare. Each has chosen Their own form.

The realisation came that the Christian and all the other religions had got it wrong. Once it was evident that none of the Eluhiym had foreskins, then it became clear that circumcision is essential to enter Their company in Heaven, that is, Eternal Life.

What is the reason for writing this? Well, the Creators are not into religion, which explains why no religion knows about them. Yet three of them claim to have and teach the truth about Abraham and other matters. My question is, how come they presume to speak for the Creators and quote sayings from Their direct revelations when they have no idea about the way They think and act (Isaiah 55:8-9)?

In October 2016 I heard a man preaching that Christians are supposed to accept homosexuals because Jesus Christ said, ”you shall love your neighbour as yourself.” In Matthew 22:39 Yeshuwa is quoting from Leviticus 19:18.

Homosexuals are into loving one another. Basically, they want to be accepted as loving individuals, the equals of heterosexuals, and enjoy the same legal rights and privileges as married couples; hence the push for marriage equality.

The meaning of love is at stake here. The apostle Paul’s definition of love in 1 Corinthians 13 is far closer to homosexual love than it is to Creator love which comes with strict terms of engagement. It has a very different quality and resides at the other end of the love spectrum.

Two Mothers Two Fathers

The Australian Connection -  I


1. Ignatius to the Magnesians X, pp. 206-7 and Philadelphians vi,1.

2. The Epistle of Barnabas ix,1-9 reinvents the Abraham narrative. There can be no circumcision of the heart without first circumcising the flesh (Jeremiah 9:25-26). Otherwise it is just imagination. The author of the epistle never had a clue. Salvation requires circumcision of both the flesh and the heart. Faith alone is inadequate.

3. See Justin Martyr on circumcision at http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/ecf/001/0010477.htm and especially the comment down below, “See Apol., i. 47. The Jews [By Hadrian’s recent edict] were prohibited by law from entering Jerusalem on pain of death. And so Justin sees in circumcision their own punishment.”