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Short-Sighted Advocates

How shortsighted marriage equality advocates appear to be. Evidently, according to some, having a same-sex couple next door to a heterosexual couple does not impact upon families. As usual in their blindness they see no problem at all. The two couples have simply made a different lifestyle choice.

By itself this does not pose a problem. Homosexual individuals or same-sex couples have been living with heterosexuals for millennia, since each was born into a family. Calling their union marriage, though, is another matter. One man even tried the same trick back in April 30 CE and was solidly repudiated by the One who ordained marriage. He still repudiates it.

Apart from the confusion it creates in young minds, there is also a huge social and financial cost to bear by both parties. And it is usually the heterosexual family which ends up struggling to pay. With no children, same-sex couples have much more cash to spare. In terms of marriage equality where is the level playing field in that?

Equality under the law is a myth anyway. The law is made by the rich for the rich at the expense of the poor and no amount of propaganda can change that fact. When the rich set prices, the poor pay the same amount as the wealthy, or even more, or else go without. Fines, fees and charges are more easily paid by the wealthy. Social security life-lines do help ease the burden, but not when it comes to traffic related fines and many other expenses.

Soul Viruses

Like many other human conditions - and this should be seen in the context of the bigger picture - homosexuality is the product of soul viruses [anal intercourse, sexual mind-body mismatches and same-sex attraction to name a few]. These have a tendency to spread.

A soul virus may be defined as a set of instructions received by energy computers within the soul in the Fifth Dimension. It then takes over part of a person’s mind and makes it a dominant feature in that person’s thinking and behaviour, similar to a biological or computer virus in their respective environments. Its chief aim is to imprison the mind and prevent access to higher knowledge and better choices.

Now no politician or government has the authority to change the definition of a reserved term. There is no such thing as a “marriage of convenience” or a “marriage of ideas”. Political coalitions may also not be called a marriage. Nor do two businesses marry when they merge. Observe how desperate people are only too quick to cite examples of this misused, reserved term.

Computer languages also have reserved words too. To ignore them creates problems. Nonetheless royalty, presidents, prime ministers and premiers seem to think that it is their moral right and duty to legislate on the acceptance of every soul virus in the book under the guise of democracy.

For example, observe what happened with tobacco. They are still trying to contain its widespread use. Are they really? Governments have no heart in banning it due to its revenue raising potential. Alcohol in beer, wine, spirits and mixed drinks is widely available as well, along with illicit drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and ice, marijuana and other recreational drugs, to name a few.

Look, too, at what has taken place historically with divorce and abortion, gambling on poker machines, horse and dog races, as well as with lotteries. Sex workers, prostitution, pornography and R-rated material are easily accessible. Paedophilia has been rife in religious circles and government institutions. These all erode family values and are out of control.

Soul virus-based addictions such as these have been allowed to fester by the politically weak-hearted, as though it is their raison d’être for being in politics.

Australia recently had a prime minister who stood up against marriage equality, yet rightly or wrongly was dumped by his party in favour of a pro-equality prime minister.

Yet same-sex marriage is clearly fake. It is a counterfeit or pretend excuse for marriage, totally devaluing the original institution and sharing in nothing which real marriage offers.

Same-sex couples even want to change the definition of family, by giving themselves the right to adopt and raise children, even using surrogates or IVF to create them. Here they are prepared to take on the Creator Eluhiym themselves with all the pretense they can muster.

The irony is that the Creator Yahuw’ah was present in the coupling of their parents, even though they were later infected with soul viruses which helped create their sexual identity confusion. This Creator is present in all heterosexual acts. Audio-visual records of each also exist.

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