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Here it acts as the legal precedent for marriage and is still the same today as it was in the beginning. The lines were only drawn in during 2015. In other words, Their definition is immutable. Which law makers and law givers can define same-sex unions as marriage with the same antagonistic authority and evidence?

A breakup is called 'divorce' or "sending away" (Matthew 1:18-19). When a so-called same-sex union breaks up, does the powerful and egocentric same-sex union law maker and law giver share the same wrath as Yahuw'ah and Yeshuwa? If not, why not? That is an integral part of true marriage between a man and a woman. Their love is not unconditional, but strict and jealous (Exodus 20:5).

Marriage has boundaries and crossing them is asking for trouble. Unconditional love belongs to the schizophrenic nature of God’s love as opposed to Creator love. The latter form is powerful, like the eye-damaging light of an electric arc welder viewed up close, in contrast to the former which can look at the light safely from a long distance.

Unfortunately for them, God has no control over the weather. So how would the wrath of their antagonist be expressed?

Anyway, heterosexual marriages do not end in a law court. The clear teaching of Yeshuwa, who was present at the first wedding, is that divorced spouses are in deep trouble when they re-marry, so long as both are still living. Of course, those who did not commit adultery will feel cheated and betrayed and might want another spouse. These would be wise to seek guidance from Yeshuwa, since unchastity is the only reason permitted for divorce. While violence between partners is unacceptable, its causes need to be addressed.

Marriages may also not be annulled. Failure to consummate is not an excuse. Adam and Chav-vah had no sexual intercourse for the first sixty years of their marriage. Consequently marriage should not be entered into lightly.

It is a fact that both Yahuw'ah and Yeshuwa are angry enough whenever They see same-sex couples being intimate that They try to make them sick. Adulterers are treated in a similar way. Observe the number of life-threatening diseases which many encounter, such as Hepatitis A, B and C and HIV-AIDS. Sexually transmitted diseases among heterosexuals are also rife. Who does one think created these?

Furthermore They react using the powerful forces of nature, easily manipulated from Weather Central with its axis in Yeruwshalem. The damage which religious extremists inflict - and they are in big trouble themselves - dwarfs into insignificance when compared with what These do. One only has to look at the massive storms and wild fires hitting those countries which have already legalised same-sex marriage or intend to, let alone the earthquakes.

Weather Central where targeted storms are prepared for anywhere on Earth.

In addition there will be no let up with related storms until they are removed from the statute books. Both believers and non-believers might claim to have been protected by God from the very disaster which hit their neighbours. Yet God looks after Their own too, although at times They can be quite random in this.

These are not acts of God nor mere products of global warming. They are deliberate acts of the Creator Eluhiym (Genesis 6-8, Job 37:13, Psalm 68:8-9 et alia), about whom till now no one has known anything.

One might want to think about this too. The Pharaoh of Egypt in the patriarch Yowceph’s day was intelligent enough to appoint him as manager of harvest and storage in the seven good years which he had dreamed about (Genesis 41), so that grain could be distributed during the lean years and his people fed.

Surely this is more evidence that the Creator Eluhiym control and manage the weather. Otherwise how would Pharaoh know fourteen years in advance that there was going to be bountiful harvests for seven years, then severe drought for the next seven.

He listened to the message from Heaven and his people were looked after. It is a pity that national leaders today do not listen. Accordingly their people suffer and then they wash their hands of them with band-aid solutions. Meanwhile for some, marriage equality remains at the top of the political agenda. Yet same-sex relationships do not qualify for marriage. They are trying to force an oversized square peg into a round hole with a hammer.

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