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IRVs -  A New Form Of Transport -  Pt IV

All this can be gleaned from the Exodus narrative. Evidently Heaven has electricity, since that is the only place where batteries could be charged and replaced.

 None of this is impossible. Gottlieb Daimler, Orville and Wilbur Wright, Guglielmo Marconi, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy and NASA, Martin Luther King, William “Bill” Gates and many others turned their dreams into incredible realities, regardless of how challenging and seemingly impossible they were.

Each struggled with adversity, mockers and bullies, yet they won. Now modern man takes their achievements for granted, barely thinking of their earlier struggles. All new and revolutionary ideas undergo physical and psychological trials. These come with the territory.

Coordinating Movements

So already there are many uses. The challenge will be to co-ordinate their movements. Naturally their operating software will function offline in a standalone capacity using local storage, since connecting to a server will be somewhat inconvenient. Programming languages like jQuery or jSon will not be required.

Initially, it is expected to run on a JavaScript enabled browser like Chromium or Mozilla Firefox within an Ubuntu Linux operating system. Laptops like the sturdy IBM ThinkPad are ideal and will be sought after when ready for production.

Now these are neither street machines nor road vehicles. They have no odometer and there is no need for roads. Even the speed of light is irrelevant. An ambulance or security vehicle might park on the side of a road, yet would not travel on the road or highway unless manoeuvring into position. Designated landing sites would be set aside, especially at hospitals.

Which flying doctor would not want one of these at a fraction of the purchase and running costs of conventional aircraft? During the Exodus IRVs travelled to wherever the people were.

Batteries will need to be kept well charged and use of their power strictly monitored. The present writer is awaiting news of longer lasting batteries.

Professional drivers or pilots would naturally operate them. In addition to manufacturing employment, operators would be required as well as travel coordinators. Indigenous youth could be trained to drive them.

The Exodus IRVs or chariots had three angels on board, one to drive, another to navigate and a third to assist with cargo. According to Yeshuwa, some of those displayed can carry up to twelve passengers. There would be no need for huge passenger planes either.

 Although unable to travel under water, they can go into outer space and to distant planets, anywhere destination co-ordinates can be put in; again arriving instantly. Such vehicles would be manufactured for that role and journeys by a convoy of IRVs planned in great detail.

Australia may one day be a hub for space travel, with perhaps Woomera being the centre-piece again. Rainfall tends to be fairly scarce in the South Australian outback. Hurricanes and tornadoes never bother it, just the occasional sand devils. Besides they can launch at any time day or night if the weather is suitable.

Ensuring that no two vehicles arrive in the same place at the same time will be paramount to avoid accidental collisions. Rules of usage would necessarily be written and licenses issued before sitting at the controls. It is essential that they be built in one location first, so that standard rules and regulations can be written for their later use everywhere.

Off The Planet Travel

Once big transporters are built they would be capable of taking large cargo such as building modules to any destination, off-loading them with a IRV crane and returning back home on the same day perhaps with valuable ore on board. No booster rockets are required, nor heat shields for re-entry. G forces are minimal.

Here it might even be possible to take telescopes out to exo-planets many light years from Earth, or to the Moon or Mars, and capture images of the universe from those locations. Our universe is a great inspiration for humanity to find ways to explore its wonders and majesty.

FIMIOL communication technology will then make its data available instantly. Always the present time is experienced. Time travel is naturally out of the question unless Heaven makes visual access to its archives possible. Then cold cases could potentially be solved.

Those chariots at Ciynay open up amazing frontiers to discover.

It is fascinating that in 2016 one hears of the Kepler telescope discovering 1284 planets outside the solar system with no way to investigate them up close. What is the point if no one can go anywhere near them soon, unless IRVs are meant to perform that task in the near future? What a coincidence or is it by design?

Travel to Mars at the moment is slow and risky, taking many months, and generally one-way. Who would want to make that trip and risk being blown up on the launch pad?

Would an Alcubierre warp drive do the job? If NASA could get one to work, the answer is yes. That would be wonderful too for those prepared to take longer to reach a destination.

Yet what about obstacles in one’s path? IRVs, such as those used in the Exodus, technically pass through any suns and planets on their trajectory as they relocate to and fro without any effect upon them.


Empiricism clearly has its limits. The human mind must get beyond it and explore the logic and laws of higher dimensions if it wants to build on its achievements. This universe was created by Eluhiym so that humanity can explore it. The main obstruction holding it back are scientific and religious sceptics. It is time to start letting go and looking at the new logic.

Who says that transport is only possible at one end of the spectrum?

In the first century CE the Creator Yeshuwa chose twelve men to teach the science of creation. So much of that information is embodied in His parables and was based upon the narratives in Genesis 1-2.

Alas, the Jewish authorities ended His life, although that was going to happen regardless, since it was time for Him to transform back into the Lamb. They also did not like His anti-monotheism stance. What they found abhorrent was His claim to be Abraham’s El Elyown in John 8:56-59. And they were planning to kill Him as his offspring!

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